"Developing Your Brand for Career Success" ASIP's Commitment to Trainees

The American Society for Investigative Pathology (ASIP) researchers conduct science very well, but our true passion is rooted in our dedication to uplift and support the next generation of pathology leaders. Each year at our annual meeting, we focus exclusively on programming geared to provide trainees with cutting edge tools and resources. At this year’s conference in Chicago, we continued this tradition with a key focus on personal branding.
Irrespective of whatever professional path one chooses, personal branding is a key component in broadcasting and promoting your skills and value. In the biomedical community, less emphasis is placed on this, but ASIP recognizes that developing trainees from the inside out is invaluable. When people are exposed to tools for personal development, a heightened sense of purpose and self-worth can be achieved.
Below are some highlights of the ways we are doing our part to support the next generation of biomedical innovators!
Highlights: Graduate Students in Pathology
Featuring some of tomorrow’s emerging Pathology leaders, this session highlighted the exciting scientific advances being made by trainees from around the world!
Developing Your Personal Brand for Career Success: Workshop & Breakfast
The infusion of social media into modern day culture challenges us to address effective strategies to incorporate its use in our professional lives. This session focuses on utilizing social networks for career marketing purposes. Additionally, trainees were provided in depth assistance on crafting compelling CVs, Resumes and Biosketches.
Developing Your Core Message: An Interactive Session on Crafting An Effective Elevator Speech
Brevity is key, meaning sometimes we only have a few minutes to get our points across and explain who we are. This session focused on constructing effective elevator pitches to enhance trainee networking abilities.

Author: Bryan A. Wilson, Ph.D., M.B.A. – Research Fellow (UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine)