Career development: A plan for action

Julie Gould,  Nature 548, 489–490 (24 August 2017) doi:10.1038/nj7668-489a When set up properly, individual development plans can be powerful tools for shaping a career.   Lia Rae Edmunds was annoyed when her department asked for an individual development plan (IDP) after she started her postdoc in developmental biology. “I thought it was an unnecessary [...]

When Mentorship Goes Off Track

A psychology professor at the U.S. Naval Academy on why professional guidance doesn’t always work out as planned B.R.J. O'DONNELL JUL 28, 2017, The Atlantic Mentorship is often cast as a positive experience. But for every scientist whose mentor enabled a research breakthrough and every high-school student whose mentor was key to receiving a college acceptance letter, there are people whose [...]

Relatively few NIH grantees get lion’s share of agency’s funding

By Maggie Kuo Jul. 18, 2017 The rich have been getting richer in the biomedical research enterprise, and the system favors those who are already doing pretty well, according to a new analysis of National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant recipients. The top 10% of NIH grant winners (by total award) received about 37% of NIH [...]