Graduate survey: A love–hurt relationship

Chris Woolston  Nature 550, 549–552 (26 October 2017) doi:10.1038/nj7677-549a Published online 25 October 2017 Nature's 2017 PhD survey reveals that, despite many problems with doctoral programmes, PhD students are as committed as ever to pursuing research careers. Adapted from Getty Science PhD students love what they do — but many also suffer for it. [...]

Top 10 List Of Alternative Careers For PhD Science Graduates Written by Arunodoy Sur, Ph.D. A postdoc was not for me. I knew this well before graduating. I simply did not want to pursue a tenure track position. Too many postdocs and assistant professors I knew were too miserable for me to ever want to be one of them. I wanted to explore options [...]

Here's How The New Tax Plan Could Hurt Graduate Students

November 14, 20172:31 PM ET ARIANA FIGUEROA NPR Higher Ed The new tax plan introduced by House Republicans could have negative implications for universities, graduate students and those with student loans. Many grad students — especially in Ph.D. programs — receive tuition waivers in exchange for teaching classes or doing research. Under current law, that money [...]