The key to a happy lab life is in the manual

A well-crafted set of guidelines and advice can save time, reassure trainees and promote a positive lab culture, argues Mariam Aly. Mariam Aly Taken from A year and a half ago, as I was preparing to launch my own laboratory studying cognition at Columbia University in New York City, I kept returning to a particular [...]

Help to shape policy with your science

Decision-makers need input from researchers on issues involving science and society. Julia Rosen Taken from Megan Evans got a crash course in science policy in 2011. As a research assistant at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, she joined a project helping the Australian government to develop a tool to compensate for the environmental effects [...]

Want to connect with other graduate students? Check out this new online community

By Elisabeth PainJun. 18, 2018 , 4:05 PM Taken from Brittany Jack has been using Slack, the electronic communication and collaboration tool, since she joined Prachee Avasthi’s lab. Jack, who has just completed the first year of her Ph.D. at the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, uses it to keep Avasthi up to date [...]

The surprises of starting as a new PI

Article taken from: By: Elisabeth Pain Late one night, cell biologist Prachee Avasthi was poring over data that had come in earlier that day, when she came across a result she describes as “exceedingly rare and unfathomable”: A gene that her lab was already investigating was a key player in another cellular process they had recently become interested [...]