Diversity and Inclusion – Upcoming Survey of the ASIP Membership

The ASIP is actively participating in a FASEB Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, and is making plans for new initiatives for increasing diversity and inclusion among our membership and the pathology workforce in general. To establish a starting point for new initiatives with measurable outcomes, we plan to survey the current ASIP membership to determine our current state of diversity. Members in all categories will receive the survey by the end of November and our goal is to achieve 100% participation by the membership in returning completed surveys. The ASIP membership reflects many forms of diversity that we recognize, including gender, age, race and ethnicity, nationality, career stage, and research interests. The ASIP membership also has diversity that we cannot so easily recognize, including sexual orientation and identity, mental and physical disabilities, disadvantaged background, and others. It is critical for every ASIP member to respond to the upcoming survey so that we generate an accurate picture of our diversity as a foundation for launching initiatives aimed at maximizing our diversity and inclusion.