Prince Awuah, PhD

Trailblazing Men

ASIP Highlights Session:
I Am An ASIP Member and This Is My Science

  • Experimental Biology 2019 – Orlando FL

Prince Awuah, PhD

Center for Tobacco Products
US Food and Drug Administration, Silver Spring MD

I was fortunate to be a speaker at the EB2019 Trailblazer session. This was a really wonderful and well-attended session. The title of my talk was “My journey: From bench scientist to my commission to serve and protect public health from tobacco products”. The goal of my talk was to demonstrate to audience that there are many career opportunities available. During this talk, I spoke about my career progression from my graduate training at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine to my current career as a United States Public Health Commissioned Officer at the Food and Drug Administration. I briefly summarized my research findings from my work throughout the different stages of my career. I spent more time talking about my current work at the Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Tobacco Products (FDA/CTP). Here at CTP, I am involved in multiple on-going research initiatives designed to protect the health of the public from harm associated with usage of tobacco products. I ended my talk with a brief discussion about my new exciting/demanding role as a United States Commissioned Officer. As a commissioned officer, part of my role is to protect, promote and advance the health and safety of the public through many avenues including educating the public and rapid response to public health needs.