Shantae Lewis

Shantae Lewis is an undergraduate biology major at the University of the Virgin Islands (graduating in 2020). Shantae is spending summer 2019 participating in the ASIP Summer Research Opportunity in Pathology Program and the Summer Training as Research Scholars Program (STaRS) at Boston University working in the laboratory of Dr. Dennis Jones (Nancy L.R. Bucher Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine, Boston MA). STaRS is a dynamic and focused program that is designed to promote access to graduate education for traditionally underrepresented students in science and medicine. STaRS provides scholars with the opportunity to participate in research and enhances skills required for successful entrance and completion of a graduate program or an MD/PhD program in the biomedical sciences. Shantae’s summer research project will focus on cancer-associated fibroblast maintenance of cancer stem cells.