Claudine Auld

Claudine Auld is a third year veterinary student at Purdue University. She is spending summer 2019 participating in the ASIP Summer Research Opportunity in Pathology Program and the Purdue University Veterinary Scholars Program working in the laboratory of Dr. Tiffany Lyle (Assistant Professor of Veterinary Pathology, Department of Comparative Pathology, Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine). Students in the Purdue University Veterinary Scholars Program conduct laboratory research, participate in weekly seminars that include exposure to various careers in research, learn how to write a scientific abstract, and eventually present their research at a scientific meeting. Claudine’s summer research project is entitled “Pathologic Alterations of Tight Junction Proteins in the Blood-Tumor Barrier of Lung Cancer Brain Metastases.” Claudine is utilizing Dr. Lyle’s model system to evaluate the shift of the blood-brain barrier to the blood-tumor barrier, with an intensive focus on tight junction proteins.