Congratulations to ASIP Member Cecelia Yates, who was awarded funding for a Pulmonary Fibrosis Research Grant

SL Behring and the University City Science Center awarded $250,000 each to Cecelia Yates, PhD, from the University of Pittsburgh Dr. Yates received funding for her research into innovative therapies for specific disease areas, including pulmonary fibrosis (PF).

Cecelia C. Yates, PhD
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Yates’ project focuses on FibroKine biomimetic peptides (BPs) that target the underlying causes of fibrosis. BPs are peptides designed and developed in the lab to imitate the action of proteins. In the case of Fibrokine, BPs imitate the CXCL10 protein, which has anti-fibrotic properties. The project was previously awarded a research grant by the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Medical Innovation.

The grant will help Yates’s team test FibroKine’s efficacy in treating and stopping the progression of pulmonary fibrosis.

Dr. Yates is the chair of the ASIP Committee for Career Development and Diversity.