Meet Dr. Morgan Preziosi – From Trainee to Real Life as a Woman in Pathology

Dr. Morgan Preziosi, Scientist at Chimeron Bio

Dr. Morgan Preziosi attended her first Experimental Biology meeting as an ASIP trainee member in the Spring of 2015 as a second-year graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh working in the laboratory of Dr. Paul Monga. At Experimental Biology 2015 (EB2015, Boston MA), she gave her first oral presentation at a national conference and was the recipient of the Rojkind-Monga Trainee Travel Award for Excellence in Liver Pathobiology. In October 2015, Dr. Preziosi attended the very first Pathobiology for Investigators, Students, and Academicians meeting (PISA2015 in Baltimore, MD), where she was selected for an A.D. Sobel Scholar Trainee Travel Award. Around this time, she became involved with the ASIP Publications Committee as a trainee member. The Publications Committee oversees The American Journal of Pathology (the official journal of the ASIP). In 2017, Dr. Preziosi expanded her volunteer involvement in Society activities by joining the Committee for Career Development and Diversity (CCDD). As a member of the CCDD, Dr. Preziosi worked to plan a workshop for Experimental Biology 2018, entitled “Mentor/mentee relationships: A two-way street.” This workshop featured a panel of three mentor-mentee pairs (including a student and her mentor, a junior investigator and her senior mentor, etc.) and trainees in attendance could ask questions. Dr. Preziosi invited the panelists and secured a host to facilitate the discussion and create talking points. In her final years of graduate school, Dr. Preziosi attended the ASIP Annual Meetings at EB2016, EB2017, and EB2018, where she received an ASIP Trainee Travel Award, the prestigious Experimental Pathologist-in-Graduate Training Merit Award, and a second A.D. Sobel Scholar Trainee Travel Award, respectively. 

As a graduate student, Dr. Preziosi’s research produced 10 abstracts and she presented the work in both oral and poster presentations at the various meetings, and 14 published papers. In 2018, Dr. Preziosi moved to the University of Pennsylvania to work with Dr. Kirk Wangensteen as a postdoctoral fellow. Last year, Dr. Preziosi attended EB2019 for the first time as a postdoctoral researcher, where she co-chaired a CCDD-sponsored workshop and received an ASIP Trainee Travel Award. In 2020, Dr. Preziosi was selected to receive the prestigious Experimental Pathologist-in-Training Award at the ASIP Annual Meeting. Since the EB2020 meeting was cancelled due to COVID-19, the award will be presented at PISA2020 in Boston, MA (November, 2020). In early 2020, Dr. Preziosi joined Chimeron Bio in Philadelphia, PA, as a Scientist. She continues to contribute to the ASIP through the Publications Committee, CCDD, and as Co-Editor of the NextGen Blog. Dr. Preziosi is the model of a successful investigator that exploited the opportunities afforded by the ASIP as a trainee to augment the strong CV she built based upon her outstanding research. The ASIP now benefits from her new experiences as a scientist in biotech/industry. In 2021, Dr. Preziosi will receive the ASIP Young Scientist Leadership Award in recognition of her exceptional contributions to the ASIP and its various missions over her 5+ years of membership.

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Morgan Preziosi, PhD on the ASIP Experimental Pathologist-in-Training Award

The EPIT is a prestigious award presented to an ASIP trainee member who is a postdoctoral fellow (including research and clinical fellows) and who has excell…