COVID-19 Response at Stony Brook University Hospital

Pathology residents, fellows, graduate students, and medical students at Stony Brook University Hospital have played critically important roles in the care of our COVID-19 patients. Led by Karen Bai, MD (PGY1), our residents and volunteer PhD and MSTP students have been running COVID-19 RNA testing around the clock and our residents on the autopsy services have performed COVID-19 postmortem examinations by both conventional approaches and using innovative ultrasound-guided core biopsy protocols. Felix Tavernier, MD (PGY3) has implemented and trained staff in the use of a hydrogen peroxide vapor generator to sanitize our labs, offices, and the morgue following COVID-positive cases. Our graduate students have helped us to find new ways to disinfect N95 masks, supporting the broader needs of our community for options to recycle PPE. Our residents have also performed arterial blood gas testing for our pulmonary care ICUs, communicating critical results, and helping to coordinate care. And most recently, our pathology residents have processed tissue and fluid samples from COVID-19 patients in our BioBank core facility, to support research into the underlying pathophysiology of COVID-19 infection. For all of their hard work and dedication, we are incredibly proud of our COVID warriors!