The Other Women in Pathology

William B. Coleman

May 2020 was the first Women in Pathology Month, and we celebrated the month by providing some history of the women in the American Society for Investigative Pathology and featured 21 of our women members. The posts, associated videos, and picture galleries were very popular with our membership and others. The entire collection of posts can be found on Pathways. Through these posts, we were able to highlight the diversity of our women scientists, physicians, and physician-scientists: the young and the more mature, trainees, new investigators, and established investigators, academics and scientists in biotech, current leaders and future leaders. Everyone should be impressed with the individual and collective accomplishments of the group of women members we featured during May. They represent the past, present, and future of our Society. We are proud of them, and proud that they represent the ASIP.

We also need to acknowledge the other women in pathology…those that we were unable to squeeze into the month of May, but that sent us their information nonetheless. We look forward to featuring some of these other women in pathology as monthly Member Spotlights on Pathways during the rest of the year. In addition, many of these other women in pathology will be featured during Women in Pathology Month 2021. So, stay tuned to learn more about our exceptional women ASIP members in the coming months.

The final group of women in pathology that need to be recognized are members of the ASIP staff. Several of these staff members are known to our members because of their visible roles with our journals and scientific meetings. Others work behind the scenes. It is impossible for me to list all of the things that these exceptional women do for our Society, so here is a brief description to give you a sense of their respective roles.

Emily Essex

Emily Essex is the Managing Editor of both The American Journal of Pathology and The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics. Emily manages the workflow for peer review and publication of both journals through supervision of our other journal staff and by working with the Editors-in-Chief (Dr. Martha Furie and Dr. Barbara Zehnbauer, respectively).

Chhavi Chauhan

Dr. Chhavi Chauhan is the Director of Scientific Outreach. She serves as Scientific Editor for the ASIP journals, and works on outreach initiatives. Currently, Chhavi is coordinating the ASIP COVID-19 webinar series and establishing new working relationships with other pathology groups.

Lisa McFadden

Lisa McFadden is Director of Scientific Meetings, Membership, and Educational Services. Lisa is actively planning for the PISA2020 and Experimental Biology 2021 meetings, developing new membership campaigns, and working on new virtual offerings in career development and education.

Gina LaBorde

Gina LaBorde is our Marketing and Communications Manager. Gina develops all of our electronic communications and outreach through email and various social media platforms. Gina produced the Women in Pathology Month features and has been working on our Pathologists Fighting COVID-19 series, among other news posts and announcements.

Donna Pluta

Donna Pluta is an Administrative Coordinator and project manager. She works closely with all of our standing committees, scheduling meetings and coordinating communications. Donna also plays a major role with the Intersociety Council for Pathology Information (ICPI) which is co-managed by the ASIP and the Association of Pathology Chairs.

Jody Zung

Jody Zung is our in-house accountant. She performs all the major book keeping functions, interacts with our outsourced accountants and auditors, and serves as the general office manager.

Kendra LaDuca and Chanel George

The most recent additions to the ASIP staff include Kendra LaDuca and Chanel George. Kendra serves as Executive Officer for two of our partner Societies: The Histochemical Society and The American Society for Matrix Biology. It has been excellent to have Kendra in our office since early 2020 to strengthen our partnerships with these other Societies and launch new initiatives to advance the priorities of all three groups.Chanel is the Managing Editor for The Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry and contributes a portion of her time to the ASIP Journals.

These women in pathology are individually and collectively exceptionally talented, creative, skilled, and experienced in their respective areas of activity, and they are excellent collaborators. They represent the foundation upon which the ASIP is built and they work tirelessly every day to advance our organization and to increase the value of our Society for members. I am very grateful to have such an outstanding staff.

Honorable mention goes to the men of our staff for their excellent work and contributions to the ASIP Journals. Henry Carter is Assistant Managing Editor and Mike Dustin is the Senior Editorial Assistant for The American Journal of Pathology and The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics. Henry and Mike work closely with the Managing Editor to conduct peer review, author communications, and production of articles for the Journals. They are also exceptionally skilled and experienced in their jobs. Additional honorable mention goes out to the women who direct and/or work at many of our sister pathology Societies. There are many women serving as professional staff for pathology (or similar) societies and they are excellent to work with on issues that impact the entire field of pathology. I will not try to name them all here, but I thank them for their professionalism, wisdom, and expertise.