Pathologists fighting COVID-19

On April 1st, Molecular Pathology Laboratory (MPL) at the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine of Tulane University School of Medicine launched clinical testing for the COVID-19 virus.  This test is based on the protocol developed by the CDC and has obtained emergency use authorization by the FDA.  MPL can provide test results with a 12 to 24-hour turnaround time.  This operation is strongly supported by the School of Medicine.  The operation is led by Dr. Xiao-Ming Yin, a long time ASIP member, Chair of the Department, and developed by Dr. Di Tian, CLIA Director of the MPL, Dr. Zhen Lin, Technical Director, of MPL.  The testing activities of MPL and the clinical microbiology laboratory of Tulane’s affiliated hospitals are complementary to each other in providing services to different populations that require COVID-19 testing.  In particular, MPL at Tulane University provides service to populations and demands that are not traditionally addressed by the hospital laboratory, such as those under government operation, and population-based screening.  This need is expanded to that related to the recovery of normal work/study by faculties, staffs and students.  

Figure: Swarmanala Ratnayaka and Cindy Morris, member and volunteer faculty, respectively, of MPL at Tulane University, are performing the Covid-19 test

Finals and Plans for the Fall | Heroes & Helpers | President

Dear Tulane Community: Final exams begin today. For the first time in Tulane’s history, these tests will be administered exclusively online. What weeks ago was considered unthinkable is now being undertaken with the same diligence, commitment and can-do Tulane spirit with which our students, faculty and staff have responded throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.