Dr. Monga’s article on on suitability of models of hepatocellular cancer based on questions an investigator wants to ask

Paul Monga, MD Director, Pittsburgh Liver Research Center
 Professor of Pathology and Medicine
Endowed Chair for Experimental Pathology
Vice Chair and Chief of the Division of Experimental Pathology
Assistant Dean for the Medical Scientist Training Program
Director, Pittsburgh Liver Research Center

“Inside-out” or “Outside-in”: Choosing the Right Model of Hepatocellular Cancer – PubMed

The incidence of hepatocellular cancer (HCC) is gradually rising. HCC occurs as a sequela to various chronic liver diseases and ensuing cirrhosis. There have been many therapies approved for unresectable HCC in the last 5-years including immune checkpoint inhibitors and the overall response rates ha …

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Satdarshan (Paul) Singh Monga, MD
Dr. Paul Monga awarded the 2019 APS Gastrointestinal and Liver Section Distinguished Research Award