Katti Crakes, PhD

Congratulations to Dr. Katti Crakes upon the very recent completion and defense of her PhD research. Dr. Crakes is a new member of the ASIP and was planning to attend Experimental Biology 2020 prior to its cancellation.

Dr. Crakes spent the majority of her childhood in Los Angeles CA, but eventually transplanted to New York. She remained in New York for her undergraduate training leading to a BS in Animal Science in 2014 from Cornell University (Ithaca, NY). Dr. Crakes moved back to California in 2014 to enter graduate school in the Integrative Pathobiology DVM/PhD program at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Crakes did her PhD research with Dr. Satya Dandekar in Medical Microbiology & Immunology. One of their main research goals was to identify host-microbe interactions in the gut that can restore mucosal health during viral infections. Dr. Crakes investigated the pathogenesis of SIV infection in the gut and mechanisms involved in intestinal barrier damage using a non-human primate model of HIV infection. Her research focused on understanding the role of metabolic pathways on mucosal health at the host-microbe interfaces, particularly in diabetes and HIV infection.

Dr. Crakes has a special interest in comparative animal models from ruminants to companion animals to non-human primates. Having completed her PhD work, Dr. Crakes will return to veterinary school to complete the last 2 years of clinical training. Dr. Crakes is currently an NIH-funded fellow (NIAID F30) and serves as the Student President of the Integrative Pathobiology graduate program, and is also a member of the Chancellor’s Graduate & Professional Student Advisory Board. Dr. Crakes’ long-term goal is to help bridge veterinary and human medicine, to advance funding opportunities in veterinary research, and to champion mental health and wellness in academia. 

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