What would happen if you read a paper a day for 2 years?

I came across this tweet recently by Dr. Olivia Rissland, Assistant Professor at the University of Colorado, School of Medicine.

I’ve always wanted to be that person. That person that reads a paper a day. In fact, I didn’t think it was humanly possible until I came across this tweet. Naturally, my first question was HOW?

Even though Dr. Rissland is molecular biologist with a passion in understanding mRNA decay, she found herself reading papers beyond the scope of her field.

Scientists love to spot trends and Dr. Rissland also noted that more of the papers she was reading were preprints. Preprinting your papers is a gamechanger for scientific research and is slowly gaining momentum.

Dr. Rissland’s top tip was to develop the habit of setting time aside for reading. And not surprisingly, after 1000 papers, she was getting much faster at reading papers.

And perhaps most comfortingly, if I do try this one paper a day challenge, it’s okay to miss a day or two.

Well and truly inspired by this tweet and will attempt this a paper a day challenge! Who’s with me?

Daisy Y. Shu @eyedaisyshu on Twitter/Instagram

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