Using this time to focus on career development

The pandemic is a great time to focus on career development and goals! While there are various factors outside our control at the moment, including publishing, the rate at which labs can reopen, and grants, there is plenty we can do to further ourselves in our career. Explore different options within academia, industry, policy, consulting, writing, etc that you have casually thought about but never had the chance to look into. (If you’re interested in scientific communications or writing, you can help write for this blog!) Furthermore, continue to boost your CV by participating on committees, councils, and organizations within your university and elsewhere (hint hint, ASIP!). There are also ways to boost your network during the pandemic, as discussed here. Furthermore, ASIP offers virtual hangout sessions, where trainees from across the country can interact, form relationships, and discuss common questions, struggles, and anything else.

The bottom line is, while bench work may be slow, resulting in fewer manuscripts and grants, there are things we can still do to remain productive and advance our career. If you have any ideas, questions, or want to get involved, email Morgan at