Matrix: The Master Puppeteer

New Mechanism of Fibronectin Fibril Assembly Revealed by Live Imaging and Superresolution Microscopy

Sophie Astrof
Rutgers University

Cell-Scale Biophysical Cues from Collagen Fiber Architecture Instruct Cell Behavior and the Propagation of Mechanosensory Signals

Suzanne Ponik
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Decellularized Extracellular Matrix Scaffolds Identify Collagen VI as a Driver of Breast Cancer Cell Invasion in Obesity and Metastasis

Madeleine Oudin
Tufts University

Meeting Co-Chairs:

Joan Chang
University of Manchester, UK

Davy Vanhoutte
Cincinnatti Children’s Hospital Medical Center, USA

Ryan Petrie
Drexel University, USA

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