#PISA2020 Day 5

#PISA2020 Day 5

Trainee Advising SessionRichard N. Mitchell, MD, PhD * Brigham & Women’s HospitalWhat’s up with an MD/PhD and Am I Competitive?Individuals with both MD and P…


Yesterday was another full day of science, mentoring, and networking at PISA 2020. With Day 4 of the meeting in the books, we find ourselves at Day 5 – the final day of PISA 2020.

TODAY at PISA 2020, we begin with Trainee Advising Sessions at 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM on the topics of “What’s up with an MD/PhD and am I competitive?” and “How to get the most from mentoring relationships.” These sessions will be followed at 10:00 AM with a special Panel Discussion – COVID-19 Updates from Frontline Experts, featuring six experts who are working in various areas of COVID-19 from molecular and serological testing to convalescent plasma therapy to autopsy findings in COVID-19 patients. There is no lunch session today, so plan to visit the ePosters. The afternoon scientific program begins at 1:00 PM with a Plenary Session on “Architectural models of disease: Rendering complexity on a small scale,” followed by concurrent symposia on “Host-microbial interactions at the mucosal surfaces” and “Lymphatic biology, obesity, and beyond.” The scientific program will end at 5:00 PM.

Additional on-demand content has now been posted on the Confex meeting website. If you missed a session, be sure to go back and watch.

The meeting will close out with a brief closing session at 5:00 PM.

We hope you have enjoyed the meeting and we look forward to getting your feedback after the meeting concludes. A meeting evaluation will be sent to all attendees within a few days.