Dr. Anirban Maitra receives The Rodger C. Haggitt Gastrointestinal Pathology Society Award

Congratulations to Anirban Maitra, MBBS who is currently the the scientific director of the Pancreatic Cancer Research Center at MD Anderson and co-leader of the Pancreatic Cancer Moon Shot™. The GIPS Jack Yardley Investigator Award recognizes seminal contributions or a significant body of published work that advances the field of gastrointestinal pathology. Successful candidates must be first or senior authors [...]

ASIP Past-President Dani S. Zander, MD in the News!

Congratulations to ASIP Member Dr. Dani Zander who is the MacKenzie Professor and Chair for the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, and Chief of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at UC Health; and serves as Medical Director for the UCMC Clinical Laboratory and as Point of Care, Anatomic Pathology and UC Histopathology Core Laboratory, for [...]

Women in Pathology Leadership Development Event!

Confident leadership requires time and self-reflection about one’s current strengths, as well as areas for development. Putting energy and intention toward developing these areas can help us not only build our authentic leadership presence and voice, but also result in greater interpersonal effectiveness and impact. In this interactive 1-hour workshop with Leadership Coach Deb Elbaum, [...]

ASIP Award Lectures for #ASIP2021 at #ExpBio

From Microbiota to Artificial Intelligence: Emerging Technologies and Approaches for Discovering Mechanisms of Pathobiology register register register register Not a Member? Save on registration when you join the ASIP! Members save on registration for the 2021 ASIP Annual Meeting.Learn more Join the Conversation! Mark that you're attending and start networking! Join our event on Facebook Join [...]

Do you have an interest in growing your professional development and advocating on behalf of the biological and biomedical sciences?

In December 2019, the FASEB Board of Directors approved the addition of three new positions on the Board and three new positions on the Science Policy Committee for early-career researchers (ECRs). The inaugural three ECRs began their terms in July 2020. Subsequent ECR positions on the FASEB Board of Directors and Science Policy Committee will [...]