Professional Branding Tips For Scientists And Researchers

There’s no denying that scientists and researchers are the people who always have and always will make the most significant contributions and advancements to human civilization. 

However, most scientists find it challenging to either talk about themselves or their latest laboratory experiments. 

So for those who take their scientific careers seriously, those who want to approach investors, seek funding, and those who want to make the most significant difference in the world, professional branding is great for getting the word out! 

Below, we’re looking at some of the best branding tips for scientists and researchers. 

Understand Your Values And USPs

Whether you’re looking to land that lab job you’ve always dreamed of, or you’re planning on approaching investors for funding, you must showcase your skills and values so that you’ll be seen as an asset rather than a liability. 

Once you understand your values, you should treat them as your Unique Selling Points, or USPs

As the name suggests, a USP is simply what makes you unique and different from the hundreds and thousands of other scientists and researchers out there. 

Knowing your values and USPs will help you perfect your personal brand, enabling you to focus on those qualities during interviews and meetings. 

Researching Your Ideal Customers

As a scientist, you’re not likely selling products. 

However, no matter your end goal, there is a particular type of person or organization that you’ll be targeting with your brand. 

These people or organizations should be thought of as your ideal customers or target audience

If you’re a scientist, you’ve already got the skills needed for research, so dive into the data and learn all you can about the people you want to engage with. 

For instance, if you’re seeking funding from a major agricultural company to study the effects of their activities on local wildlife, be sure to learn as much as you can about the company before approaching them. 

Or, if you’re looking for work in a particular field of science, you should take the time to research any companies in the area that you might be interested in working for. 

In turn, you’ll have a better idea of how your values and USPs will benefit your potential employer, which will make answering questions during an interview considerably easier. 

Marketing And Promoting Your Brand

Once you’ve got a better understanding of your values, your USPs, and your ideal customers, it’s time to get busy marketing and promoting your brand to the world. 

At a minimum, you should create a website to showcase your scientific portfolio or work experience. 

Today, platforms like Wix, GoDaddy, or WordPress, make it easier than ever to create stunning, mobile-optimized websites and get them online in no time. 

Even for those without the technical skills needed to code and program a website, these platforms allow you to build a website using “drag and drop” editors, which virtually any can learn how to use! 

It’s also recommended that you create social media accounts, especially on LinkedIn, which is primarily where you’ll find potential employers, recruiters and other like-minded scientists. 

Fortunately, there are many tools and resources available to help you get the word out there about your personal or professional brand, including tools like BusinessCards. Check it out here:

Professional Brand For Scientists

If you’re like most scientists and researchers, there’s probably a part of you that’s more introverted than most people out there. 

In other words, it can be hard to talk about yourself or promote your latest research or development. 

However, when you think of branding as a way to connect and engage with other individuals or investors, it’ll become much more manageable than when you first learned the periodic table! 

-Rufus Stokes