Dr. Elaine Bearer received an Honorary Professorship from Strømstad Akademi

Dr. Elaine Bearer received an Honorary Professorship from the Strømstad Akademi in Sweden on Sept. 1. Bearer was nominated for this honor by Prof. Ulf Berg, a Professor of Chemistry from Lund University, who discovered Bearer some years ago  when attending one of her talks at a meeting of the American Chemical Society. 

The  Strømstad Academy, based in Sweden, is a Nordic Institute for Advanced Studies that names as members professors from Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and other Universities worldwide, including four Nobel laureates. Strømstad Academy creates a solid knowledge bank of scientific competence and proven experience. Most people in the Academy have been doing research for many years. For society, it is important to make use of these researchers’ collective resources and large networks of contacts around the world. The Academy is mainly virtual, with offices in Strömstad and local chapters in Stockholm/Uppsala, Gothenburg, Malmö/Lund, Strømstad and Falun.

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Dr. Bearer’s Installation speech on YouTube:

Dr. Bearer’s performance of her new string quartet:

Stråkkvartet “The Strömstad quartet” premier performance

Viken quartet presents Elaine Bearers string quartet “The Strömstad quartet” which was written special for the Scientific Festival 2021 of Strömstad Academy….

Dr. Bearer’s Lab