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Your ambassador status encourages you to promote the ASIP to your peers, colleagues, and collaborators, both within your institutions and beyond.

ASIP Ambassadors promote:

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Membership in the ASIP affords numerous opportunities for positive career development through our travel and meritorious awards programs, participation with committee work, networking with the leaders of the Society and field at-large, and international exposure through our meetings and journals.

The ASIP Annual Meeting (at Experimental Biology) and the stand-alone PISA Meeting offer members ranging from trainees to senior scientists the opportunity to present their research to the larger pathobiology research community and to network with investigators within this community.

The American Journal of Pathology is the most frequently cited pathology journal (with 40,000 citations per year) and is well read (with 1.4 million paper downloads per year). The ASIP Ambassadors recognize candidates for membership, encourage attendance at our meetings, and promote The American Journal of Pathology as an excellent place to publish basic and translational research related to mechanisms of disease.

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