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Promoting Health and Well-Being

Here you can find resources on emotional, physical, career and wellbeing to help maintain a culture of health to enhance quality of life as well as  as promote optimal engagement, personal well-being and professional excellence. The Wellness program helps achieve the goals that support our mission.


Recent Articles

Improve Yourself and See Your Confidence Soar

People often feel that their self-confidence is low and they are not up to the challenge of all the things in life that they want to do. However, it’s possible for anyone to learn how to be more confident and live a happier, fuller life. In this article, we will explore some ways you can […]

Professional Branding Tips For Scientists And Researchers

There’s no denying that scientists and researchers are the people who always have and always will make the most significant contributions and advancements to human civilization.  However, most scientists find it challenging to either talk about themselves or their latest laboratory experiments.  So for those who take their scientific careers seriously, those who want to […]

Lessons Learned

Have you ever been told the same thing multiple times but when you really need to remember that information you suddenly have amnesia? Some people experience this during test-taking if they get stressed out at the thought of taking a test. Recently I was exasperated, discussing with my therapist that I don’t understand why I “know” all the things I should […]