How I got through my grad school slump

By Katherine Still Taken from I waited until my Ph.D. committee had left the room to break down. I sank into a chair, head in hands, as my committee meeting form sat unsigned on the lectern. I had just failed my dissertation proposal defense—a poor start to my fourth year of grad school. My committee [...]

How I motivate myself to complete boring job tasks—and have fun in the process

By Bill D. Roebuck Taken from About 10 years ago, I sat in my office, struggling to muster up the motivation to write an annual progress report for my dean. I enjoy writing grant applications and scientific papers—tasks that engage my creativity and further my research. But report writing doesn’t come with any reward apart [...]

To fairly evaluate scientists’ CVs, universities should welcome personal disclosures

By Erin Gibson Taken from “Why don’t you have a K award?” the interviewer asked, referring to a postdoc award granted by the U.S. National Institutes of Health that is seen by many biomedical scientists as a ticket to a faculty position. It wasn’t the first time this question had come up as I interviewed [...]

Make science PhDs more than just a training path for academia

Sarah Anderson Taken from My committee member looked up from the document in his hand, which detailed my ideas for my research proposal. He cleared his throat: “You know, when you apply for faculty positions…” he began. I gave a quick, impulsive nod in response, but thought to myself, “That’s never going to happen.” [...]

Secrets to writing a winning grant

Emily Sohn Taken from When Kylie Ball begins a grant-writing workshop, she often alludes to the funding successes and failures that she has experienced in her career. “I say, ‘I’ve attracted more than $25 million in grant funding and have had more than 60 competitive grants funded. But I’ve also had probably twice as [...]