Before applying for your dream science job, Google thyself

By Adam Ruben Original source Earlier this month, a professor took to Twitter with a request. She wrote, “Dear Academics on the job market: Please make a google scholar page for yourself. Sincerely, Search Committees everywhere.” In the Twitterstorm of comments that followed, some respondents thanked the professor for the inside-track information. But the suggestion [...]

Re-prioritizing mental health during COVID-19

Nearing the anniversary of the first reported COVID-19 case, the burden of the pandemic has impacted graduate students and postdocs in specific and often isolated ways. More trainees than ever before are reporting symptoms of depression and anxiety, written about here (graduate students) and here (postdocs). For graduate students, a common thread is the feeling [...]

Rooting out gender imbalance in STEM

Original source Science policy 2020 addresses part of the problem, need to tackle thinning pipeline for STEM jobs after PG A 2017 NITI Aayog report shows that just 20% of the research and administrative staff in a select group of institutions, including the IITs, IISERs and NITs, are women. The new science and technology policy [...]

PhD students can benefit from non-academic mentors’ outside perspectives

By Derrick Rancourt Original source A mentor is a professional who acclimates a protégé into a profession. In the Bottegas of Renaissance Florence, upstart Leonardo Da Vinci pulverized Tuscan stone and collected eggs to make tempera for mentor Andrea del Verrocchio, who might allow Da Vinci to assist Michelangelo with his paintings. Although this model was adopted by the [...]

Why STEM Needs to Focus on Social Justice

by Daniel Block Original source Millard McElwee was 12 years old when Hurricane Katrina slammed into Louisiana. Having evacuated to the relative safety of Shreveport before the storm hit, McElwee at first didn’t realize the enormity of the catastrophe. But as his family drove back to their suburban New Orleans home, the carnage was unmistakable. Trees [...]