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BehindOurScience: The Podcast | Ep. 2: Giveaway- New Team Member -Dr.Garcia Interview

WE’RE HERE! A podcast featuring the behind-the-scenes of scientists and communicating their novel scientific research to all audiences.In this episode, we we…

“Behind our science” Podcast aims to close the gap in understanding the complex mechanisms driving disease formation and engage the general public and research advocates. We aim to engage the public by explaining the latest exciting biomedical innovations in simple terms free from jargon and emphasize the importance of supporting continued research in the biomedical sciences. We will explain the importance of how understanding fundamental mechanisms driving diseases provides a solid foundation for breakthroughs in scientific research. In our podcasts, we will collaborate within our society as well as with our different institutions since many of us are part of top scientific institutions and are able to engage interdepartmental collaborations to ensure maximum impact and reach of our podcast. We will invite members of the non-scientists community to participate and ask questions and share their insights. We also plan to invite patients of the diseases being discussed and/or their family members to participate in our podcast to share their insights in living with the disease and how this impact on their quality of life. 

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The American Society for Investigative Pathology
The American Society for Investigative Pathology

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