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Dr. Monga’s article on on suitability of models of hepatocellular cancer based on questions an investigator wants to ask

Paul Monga, MD Director, Pittsburgh Liver Research Center Professor of Pathology and MedicineEndowed Chair for Experimental PathologyVice Chair and Chief of the Division of Experimental PathologyAssistant Dean for the Medical Scientist Training ProgramDirector, Pittsburgh Liver Research Center More on Dr. Monga

Daisy Shu, PhD featured on the 1 Million Women in STEM Campaign

The 1 Million Women in STEM campaign that aims to spotlight 1 million STEM women to provide visible role models & inspire the next generation of girls. Daisy is thrilled to be part of the first 1000 women in STEM to be featured. See more about Daisy on her #WomenInPathology spotlight

How vaccines work: immune effector mechanisms and designer vaccines

Stewart Sell Introduction: Three major advances have led to increase in length and quality of human life:increased food production, improved sanitation and induction of specific adaptive immune responses to infectious agents (vaccination). Which has had the most impact is subject to debate.The number and variety of infections agents and the mechanisms that they have evolved [...]

2020 NIH Virtual Summer Enrichment Program

The NIH Virtual Summer Curriculum is intended for high school, college & post-baccalaureate students. Classes Start June 8th. These online offering will focus on the exciting science at the NIH and on important career and professional development topics for students at all educational levels. You can choose to participate in career development series for high [...]