The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics News

Journal of Molecular Diagnostics Editor-in-Chief:  Barbara A. Zehnbauer, PhD, Adjunct Professor in Dept of Pathology at Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA Submit Today! Current issue: Open Access: Automated Clinical Exome Reanalysis Reveals Novel Diagnoses ( A Rigorous Interlaboratory Examination of the Need to Confirm Next-Generation Sequencing–Detected Variants with an Orthogonal Method in Clinical [...]

Expanded Scope and Digital Pathology

Starting in January 2019, The American Journal of Pathology will be encouraging foundational studies relating to diseases that incorporate deep learning and artificial intelligence.  Pathology research is increasingly relying on machine learning in the generation and analysis of large datasets and the AJP is dedicated to playing an enabling role in this evolution, as a [...]

AJP Issue Highlights:

AJP Editor's Choice Improved understanding of the pathology of dwarfism may lead to new treatment targets: Novel mTORC1 Mechanism Suggests Therapeutic Targets for COMPopathies Prolyl Hydroxylase Domain-2 Protein Regulates Lipopolysaccharide-Induced Vascular Inflammation Novel mTORC1 Mechanism Suggests Therapeutic Targets for COMPopathies ( Open Access Articles Reduced Terminal Complement Complex Formation in Mice Manifests in [...]

Associate Editoral and Editorial Board News

New Associate Editors Stanley Cohen, MD In conjunction with the expanded scope and new topic category, The American Journal of Pathology is pleased to announce the appointment of Stanley Cohen, MD, to Associate Editor. Dr. Cohen is an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Pathology at Rutgers-New Jersey Medical School and has been a member of the [...]