How vaccines work: immune effector mechanisms and designer vaccines

Stewart Sell Introduction: Three major advances have led to increase in length and quality of human life:increased food production, improved sanitation and induction of specific adaptive immune responses to infectious agents (vaccination). Which has had the most impact is subject to debate.The number and variety of infections agents and the mechanisms that they have evolved [...]

Return of Individual Research Results: A Guide for Biomedical Researchers Utilizing Human Biospecimens

Available for FREE to all readers as an Editor's Choice article for May. Abstract The recent movement toward returning individual research results to study subjects/participants generates ethical and legal challenges for laboratories performing research on human biospecimens. The concept of an individual's interest in knowing the results of testing on their tissue is pitted against [...]

New test for #COVID19 may deliver faster results to more people

New test for #COVID19 may deliver faster results to more people, reports the The Journal of Molecular Diagnostics

A Message from The ASIP Executive Officer Hi Bill !! Taking a moment to say how I enjoy working w/him - from my DirectorOfGraduateStudies at @UNC to ExecutiveOfficer of @ASIPath , which I have been a member for 10 yrsLMK if you want more info about membership, it is a truly special society!— Kristine Wadosky PhD (@KristineWadosky) April 10, 2020

The January 2020 Issue is now live!

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