How I got through my grad school slump

By Katherine Still Taken from I waited until my Ph.D. committee had left the room to break down. I sank into a chair, head in hands, as my committee meeting form sat unsigned on the lectern. I had just failed my dissertation proposal defense—a poor start to my fourth year of grad school. My committee [...]

How I motivate myself to complete boring job tasks—and have fun in the process

By Bill D. Roebuck Taken from About 10 years ago, I sat in my office, struggling to muster up the motivation to write an annual progress report for my dean. I enjoy writing grant applications and scientific papers—tasks that engage my creativity and further my research. But report writing doesn’t come with any reward apart [...]

Data Management of the Future: Electronic Lab Notebooks.

Are you prepping your virtual classrooms this week? What about lab meetings? Virtual meetings such as Zoom allow for communicating across the globe, but what about data sharing? In the era of big data generation and management it is getting harder to simply share an Excel file with a simple data set. Large high quality [...]