Help to shape policy with your science

Decision-makers need input from researchers on issues involving science and society. Julia Rosen Taken from Megan Evans got a crash course in science policy in 2011. As a research assistant at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, she joined a project helping the Australian government to develop a tool to compensate for the environmental effects [...]

Science in limbo as US government shuts down

Grants are set to dry up, space launches could be delayed and some experiments could be ruined. Lauren Morello, Giorgia Guglielmi, Heidi Ledford, Sara Reardon, Jeff Tollefson & Alexandra Witze Taken from   Scientists in the United States are bracing for impact after lawmakers in Congress failed to agree on a plan to fund the government, triggering its indefinite shutdown [...]

Scientists and Policymakers – Not Such Strange Bedfellows

Taken from By Helena Lucente, Ph.D. Student, University of Utah, Cancer Research The March for Science was a turning point in science communication. For the first time, scientists and science supporters were part of a movement to advance science education, communication, and promote science in policymaking. The current administration has threatened the scientific enterprise in this country [...]

Here's How The New Tax Plan Could Hurt Graduate Students

November 14, 20172:31 PM ET ARIANA FIGUEROA NPR Higher Ed The new tax plan introduced by House Republicans could have negative implications for universities, graduate students and those with student loans. Many grad students — especially in Ph.D. programs — receive tuition waivers in exchange for teaching classes or doing research. Under current law, that money [...]