Help to shape policy with your science

Decision-makers need input from researchers on issues involving science and society. Julia Rosen Taken from Megan Evans got a crash course in science policy in 2011. As a research assistant at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, she joined a project helping the Australian government to develop a tool to compensate for the environmental effects [...]

Scientists and Policymakers – Not Such Strange Bedfellows

Taken from By Helena Lucente, Ph.D. Student, University of Utah, Cancer Research The March for Science was a turning point in science communication. For the first time, scientists and science supporters were part of a movement to advance science education, communication, and promote science in policymaking. The current administration has threatened the scientific enterprise in this country [...]

Here's How The New Tax Plan Could Hurt Graduate Students

November 14, 20172:31 PM ET ARIANA FIGUEROA NPR Higher Ed The new tax plan introduced by House Republicans could have negative implications for universities, graduate students and those with student loans. Many grad students — especially in Ph.D. programs — receive tuition waivers in exchange for teaching classes or doing research. Under current law, that money [...]