The stress-free Twitter experience

  In 2020, it looks like more science communicators became more active in social media than ever before. This trend could be partly attributed to the desire to educate a wider audience in the midst of a pandemic. Now is your chance to maximize your social media benefits for science communication, fun and professional development.As we [...]

Postdoctoral mentorship key to career success

Chris Woolston Taken from Researchers who incorporate ideas and techniques from multiple mentors while still forging their own paths are the most likely to succeed in academia, according to a study of 18,865 biomedical researchers published in Nature Communications1. The authors also suggest that mentoring received during postdoctoral training had a bigger impact than mentoring […]

How do we ask better questions? Ask Professor Dan Perlman

By Tessa Venell Aug. 23, 2019 Taken from In 2012, a couple years before he established the Center for Teaching and Learning at Brandeis, Professor Dan Perlman remembers seeing an ad for a technique that he thought might encourage student learning in his classroom. The ad was for the first public workshop on a technique used in K-12 […]

How Can We Encourage More Women Into STEM?

Taken from Women have played just as pivotal roles in the emergence and development of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) technologies over the last century as men have. It is a great source of shame for the scientific community, and society as a whole, that these contributions were not recognized sooner. However, a […]