Pathologists Fighting COVID – 19

The ASIP’s Pathologists on the Front Lines

For the first time in history as we are attempting to battle the spread of the pandemic COVID-19. Pathologists and laboratory professionals are part of the heroes in this effort. Pathologists are behind the scenes of clinical laboratories that are conducting testing for the coronavirus. Our heroes are on the front lines 24/7, ensuring that patients are receiving the appropriate diagnosis and treatment in an efficient manner.

ASIP is proud to present the behind-the-scenes work that our members’ departments and laboratories across the nation are doing to help – “Pathologists fighting COVID-19.”

ASIP is proud of its members who are leading the forefronts of COVID-19 testing, treatment, and research, and are working tirelessly to combat this pandemic in various capacities.

Our members are actively engaged in:

  • Generating innovative and better molecular testing approaches
  • Pioneering clinical research on convalescent serum therapy
  • Safely performing autopsies on decedents dying of or with COVID-19
  • Improving our understanding of COVID-19 histopathology, pathogenesis, and pathophysiology
  • Voicing researcher concerns through planned policy initiatives
  • Leading timely discussions on the current and emerging challenges associated with performing research under these unprecedented times.

ASIP salutes these heroes in this series.

COVID-19 Resources from ASIP

  • ASIP Member Dr. James Musser featured for COVID-19 Research

    James Musser, MD, spoke with The New York Times about how COVID-19’s genetic code plays a vital role in controlling the virus.

    Since last March, a team of researchers led by Dr. James Musser, chair of the department of pathology and genomic medicine at Houston Methodist Hospital, have been sequencing the viral genomes drawn from patients — 20,000 genomes so far. This new study has found that every coronavirus variant of concern to researchers around the world has been circulating in Houston at a low level for at least six to eight weeks. Houston is the first U.S. city to find all of the variants, including those recently reported in California and New York and the ones found in Brazil, Britain and South Africa.

  • #PISA2020 Day 5
    Program Yesterday was another full day of science, mentoring, and networking at PISA 2020. With Day 4 of the meeting in the books, we find ourselves at Day 5 – the final day of PISA 2020. TODAY at PISA 2020, we begin with Trainee Advising Sessions at 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM on the topics […]
  • Pathologists Fighting COVID-19 – Sally Davis
    K-State Assistant Professor of Experimental Pathology, Dr. A. Sally Davis, an ASIP member and HCS Councilor, will lead USDA-National Institute of Food and Agriculture Rapid Response project “Translating SARS-CoV-2 Research Into Practical Solutions For The Meat And Poultry Processing Industry” to find scientific solutions to protect meat and poultry plant workers and their surrounding communities […]
  • Using this time to focus on career development
    The pandemic is a great time to focus on career development and goals! While there are various factors outside our control at the moment, including publishing, the rate at which labs can reopen, and grants, there is plenty we can do to further ourselves in our career. Explore different options within academia, industry, policy, consulting, […]
  • Mouse Models Reveal Role of T-Cytotoxic and T-Reg Cells in Immune Response to Influenza: Implications for Vaccine Design
    Article of Interest: Abstract: Immunopathologic examination of the lungs of mouse models of experimental influenza virus infection provides new insights into the immune response in this disease. First, there is rapidly developing perivascular and peribronchial infiltration of the lung with T-cells. This is followed by invasion of T-cells into the bronchiolar epithelium, and separation of […]
  • Sharing large-scale patient data to understand COVID-19 severity
    HCS and ASIP member Dr. Alejandro Adam recently co-authored two preprints with collaborators at Albany Medical College, the University of Wisconsin, Madison and the Morgridge Institute for Research. This research, led by Drs. Ariel Jaitovich (Albany Med) and Joshua Coon (UW-Madison), shows how multiplexed measurements, large-scale multi-omics analysis and artificial intelligence can shed light into […]
  • Grab a shovel: How the over 65K published articles on COVID can teach us to be better scientists.
    On July 23rd 2020 there were a reported total 66,883 peer reviewed open access articles on the novel coronavirus COVID-19. That does not include the 19,420 preprints that have also been reported. So let’s say we are at over 85K publications about COVID-19 in 2020. I don’t know about you, but that sounds out of […]
  • Pathologists Fighting COVID-19 – LSU Health New Orleans
    A series of autopsies conducted by the team of ASIP member, Dr. Richard Vander Heide, revealed surprising cardiac changes in COVID-19 patients. He recently was an invited speaker for the ASIP COVID-19 Webinar on the topic of Autopsy Insights into the Pathogenesis of COVID-19, where he had proposed the mechanism that the cardiac manifestations in […]
  • Pathologists fighting COVID-19 – Columbia
    The Columbia University Department of Pathology and Cell Biology under the leadership of Dr. Kevin A. Roth, former Editor-in-Chief of both the Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry and the American Journal of Pathology, Past President of the ASIP, as well as HCS Secretary-Treasurer and Council member, has been defining both the pathogenesis of COVID-19 and providing […]