Advocate for Supplemental Funding for NIH-funded Investigators

On Capitol Hill: Regrettably, there are no dollars to fill COVID-19 engendered research gaps — meaning all the many research programs put on hold or even shelved as the pandemic consumes attention — in the $1.9T relief package the House will vote on next week. That’s why we must all advocate for inclusion in the next supplemental, which is in the works. So much is at stake — answers for patients and the ability of researchers to generate those answers. The American taxpayer has invested a great deal in research and researchers; it is penny wise and pound foolish to leave so many of them high and dry at this point. Your Members of Congress can urge Congressional leadership to include research relief in the next supplemental spending bill. Use this editable email or tweet to make the case.

Action Alert: Time-Sensitive Action

Congress returns to Washington, D.C. next week and in the House, committee and Floor action will begin on the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package. Unfortunately, there are no dollars in the package to fill COVID-19 induced research gaps ; however, work is starting now on a second relief package that will reportedly focus on strengthening infrastructure, growing jobs, and stimulating the economy.