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Expanded Scope and Digital Pathology


Expanded Scope and Digital Pathology

Starting in January 2019, The American Journal of Pathology will be encouraging foundational studies relating to diseases that incorporate deep learning and artificial intelligence.  Pathology research is increasingly relying on machine learning in the generation and analysis of large datasets and the AJP is dedicated to playing an enabling role in this evolution, as a place where good biological science and good computer science can meet in the service of the study of disease.

The American Journal of Pathology, the official journal of the American Society for Investigative Pathology and published by Elsevier, Inc., seeks high-quality original research reports, reviews, and commentaries related to the molecular and cellular basis of disease. The editors will consider basic, translational, and clinical investigations that directly address mechanisms of pathogenesis or provide a foundation for future mechanistic inquiries. Examples of such foundational investigations include data mining, identification of biomarkers, molecular pathology, and discovery research. Foundational studies that incorporate deep learning and artificial intelligence are also welcome. High priority is given to explorations of human disease and relevant experimental models using molecular, cellular, and organismal approaches.