Recap of USCAP for the ASCP & ASIP Companion Meeting

At the 2020 USCAP Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, CA, the ASIP collaborated with the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP) to develop a highly informative companion meeting session on the clinical pathology practice of CAR-T therapy and therapeutic vaccines (including tumor vaccines), including the current state of the field and scientific advances coming down the pipeline in this area. The session fulfilled several learning objectives for the attendees, including (1) providing an understanding of the pathologists’ daily practice for CAR-T therapy, (2) describing upcoming advances and challenges in CAR-T therapy that are likely to impact pathologists’ practice, (3) providing an understanding of the current approved therapeutic vaccines, their role in therapy, and diagnostic implications, and (4) describing the future therapeutic vaccines in development that will likely impact pathology practice. The session was well attended and the ASIP looks forward to partnering with the ASCP again for the 2021 USCAP Annual Meeting.

Speakers and Chairs from the USCAP Companion meeting

Front row: Dr. Shanmugam Nagarajan (UNC School of Medicine), Dr. Kuang-Yuh Chyu (Cedars Sinai Medical Center), Dr. Kimberly Sanford (VCU Health) Back row: Dr. Dan Milner (Co-Chair, ASCP), Dr. David Williams (Co-Chair, UNC School of Medicine), Dr. Donald Siegel (Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania)

Immuno-oncology Clinical & Scientific Update: CAR-T Therapy and Therapeutic Vaccines