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An influencer has the power to affect decisions of others because of one’s authority, knowledge, position or relationship with the audience. If you have a following in a particular niche and love to engage then this program is for you!

Get in the #SciComm field and stay relevant!

What is #SciComm

SciComm is short for Science Communication. This movement features the voices of many science advocates coming togther to show his or her expertise to the world. Since Social Media platforms continue to be a way that people communicate, this is the time to raise awareness about pathology and open up a world of possibility. Today’s #SciCom posts include different scientific experts such as researchers, faculty, biologists, pathologists and more!

Why is #SciComm important?

An integral part of communications is to spread the word through multimedia and outreach. You can use your voice to spread the word about career paths, experiments, science policy, disease awareness. Use your voice to viralize the content that matters.

Why become a PathConnector?

Influencers have changed the way to disseminate information on the internet. People prefer to seek knowledge and recommendations from those who have knowledge, are credible and trustworthy.

Being an expert in your field shares information that viewer see as a colleage. We have access to things like videos, and photos in a way like never before which are tools to help people understand the importance of pathology.

How do I become a PathConnector?

Simple! Click below to show your interest and we will send you the steps to be successful.