What has the COVID pandemic taught us about science?

The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed us to new limits on our acceptance of science and nature. I believe (and I hope) that we will look back on this pandemic as a major turning point in modern medicine. As we emerge from the dust of political scandals and public health incompetence we will find that this [...]

#PISA2020 Sessions

Less than 3 days until the awards and abstract submission deadline of October 15, 2020! Submit Your Abstract TODAY! sUBMIT aBSTRACT https://youtu.be/8gu2RI7k__Y DID YOU SEE THE LATEST PISA2020 SESSION INFORMATION? Be sure to check the program for the latest information! https://pisa20.asip.org/virtual-program/virtual-program/

Bench-to-Bedside: How Basic and Clinical Scientists can work to improve drug safety and efficacy

Here is your daily, non-COVID, non-US election, non-massive world ending disaster post for the day. It's nice to get something like this these days. If you look at the common pathway of drug development, you will notice something like this: Pre-clinical -> Phase I -> Phase II -> Phase II -> Phase IV. Without going [...]

Virtual Conferences: How will conferencing change after COVID?

Many of us were getting ready for spring conference season when COVID hit. Now, however, we need to look to the future of conferencing and consider what will change when it comes to conferencing post COVID. Will anything Change? My answer to this... absolutely not. I think people will be so anxious to get outside [...]

PISA 2018 Recap

Links of Interest Final Registration Count: 140 registrants  43 Regular members12 Next-Generation members22 Pre-Doctoral Trainee members4 Senior Post-Doctoral Trainee members3 Undergraduate members50 Non-members6 Uncategorized 23 States Represented3 Countries Represented107 accepted abstracts Website Program Booklet Scientific Program Hosted by the University of Michigan Pathobiology for Investigators, Students, and Academicians (PISA) is the ASIP’s stand-alone scientific meeting. [...]