A Scary Truth about Academic Research after COVID

It can be difficult for students to admit that they are struggling. There is a certain taboo to admitting research is hard or that you are going to take longer than 5 years to complete your dissertation. The world we are returning to post-COVID has just made that harder for everyone.

A recent article in Nature highlighted the struggle for some people to return to their PhD work after the shutdown. This article encourages PhD students considering quitting their studies to ask 3 important questions: 1) Are your problems solvable? 2) Have you talked to your mentor or an adviser about your dilemma? 3) Where does obtaining your PhD fit into your long-term goals?

These are three very important questions to answer at this point in time. Funding in the public sector is tighter than ever and hiring freezes have put many PhD candidates plans on hold. I encourage everyone here to read this article and ask yourself those questions. Make sure you are able to accomplish your goals and that you are not compromising your education in these challenging times. There is no shame in taking some time off and trying to find a job in the private sector.

STEM fields are still leading the way in the job industry and the skills you have can never be replaced or neglected. Keep working hard and make sure you never lose sight of your goals.


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