Pilar Alcaide, PhD

As a PhD-trained veterinary pathologist, my interests lie in the intersection of discovery, translational, and clinical research. I study comparative oncology, meaning cancers that occur in both animals and people. The old saying, “people resemble their pets” is quite true. One cancer that is quite similar in both dogs and people is lymphoma. Lymphoma, a cancer of immune cells in the blood, is a “liquid tumor” that can affect every organ in the body. Precisely how lymphoma picks which organs to invade has stumped physicians and scientists for decades.

Prince Awuah, PhD

Trailblazing Men ASIP Highlights Session: I Am An ASIP Member and This Is My Science Experimental Biology 2019 – Orlando FL Prince Awuah, PhD ToxicologistCenter for Tobacco ProductsUS Food and Drug Administration, Silver Spring MD I was fortunate to be a speaker at the EB2019 Trailblazer session. This was a really wonderful and well-attended session. [...]